Special Needs Services

Please consider sponsoring a child- it will make such a difference,
not only for the child himself, but for his entire family!

Weekend and Off Hours Services for Special Needs Children

Fridays and Erev Chag
For parents, caring for a special needs child is a special merit, as well as a round-the-clock project. At Ezrat Achim, our goal is to support the parents of special needs children in Bet Shemesh, to partner in their mission and help ease their daily struggle in juggling the needs of their special child, along with caring for other family members.

On Friday afternoons, the children come to our centers where they are lovingly taken care of by our dedicated staff and volunteers. After being served a hot lunch, they are transported home on Ezrat Achim’s vans two hours before Shabbat. This program is tremendously helpful for the families who are able to focus on preparing for Shabbat and by the time the children come home just before Shabbat, there is a calm and happy atmosphere in the home.

Every Shabbat, rain or shine, our volunteers bring the children to centers in several different neighborhoods across the city. Our wonderful volunteers pick up each child, and bring them to the nearest center- which can sometimes involve a very long walk. The day is filled with fun and friendship, as well as a delicious seuda shlishit meal. Two hours after Shabbat, our vans arrive to transport the children and volunteers home. This gives families a chance to rest and gather strength for the upcoming week, as well as enabling parents to spend quality time with their other children.


Chagim (Holidays) and School Vacation
On holiday afternoons, without exception (yes, that includes Yom Kippur!), volunteers pick up each child and take them to the nearest center- which can sometimes involve a very long walk. The children enjoy a fun-filled day and a delicious meal and then about an hour after the Chag, the vans arrive to transport the children and volunteers home. This gives the parents the ability to spend quality time with their other children, while secure in the knowledge that their special needs child is having a wonderful day, cared for by the professional staff and volunteers of Ezrat Achim.



Rosh Hashanah, Sukkos, Lag BaOmer, Fast Days, Yom Ha’atzmaut…

Whenever school is closed, Ezrat Achim is open.




Who it is for

Children with special needs.

How It Works

For more info or to register your child, please call Ezrat Achim: 02-999-0000

Volunteers at the association
Tova R., age 19

There is no greater light than that which shines from the sparkling eyes of a special needs child. Volunteering at Ezrat Achim’s special needs center has helped me to understand what life is really all about!

Mrs. G., age 56

Being an Ezrat Achim volunteer has changed my perspective on life. I used to complain about the fact that my days are boring and routine. Now I know what a tremendous bracha that is!

Moshe R., age 60

I thought of volunteering for Ezrat Achim for so long and kept pushing it off. Around six months ago, I finally picked up the phone and called and became a volunteer. I’m so glad I did! It’s a big zechus to be an Ezrat Achim volunteer- I recommend it to anyone who has even an hour a week to spare!

Rachel J., age 37

The feelings I have about being an Ezrat Achim volunteer are hard to put into words. You have to be involved with helping others in order to understand how good it makes you feel!

Dini S., age 17

People always tell me that I give so much to the special needs kids that I volunteer with. But the truth is that I get so much more from them. I can honestly say that I am a different person now, than I was before I started volunteering at Ezrat Achim’s special needs center!


Volunteering is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself! As an organization dedicated to chessed and caring for others, Ezrat Achim is proud of our amazing volunteers from all across Beit Shemesh who do so much good for the community!

At Ezrat Achim, we believe that volunteering, aside from providing assistance to the person receiving the help, benefits the volunteer on a personal level and society as a whole.

Looking to be a part of something good? Looking to spark your volunteer spirit?

You are invited to become one of the hundreds of members of Ezrat Achim’s family of volunteers.

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