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Ezrat Achim was founded in 1997 by Avraham Kopp of Beit Shemesh, a trained paramedic who observed that many residents of Bet Shemesh, did not have access to the medical equipment they needed.
He established an equipment loan center with two humidifiers and a set of crutches.
Today, the Ezrat Achim Center is located in a 200 sqm building with thousands of pieces of up-to-date medical equipment, loaned free of charge to residents throughout the city.
Ezrat Achim provides many medical and social services to meet the ever growing needs of the Beit Shemesh community. With Ezrat Achim at your side, you are not alone in your struggle.
“For none is closer than a brother in time of need.”


In Their Own Words |
Menorah Distribution l’ilui nishmas Binyamin Meir Airley Hy”d
I’m constantly amazed by the dedication, the love, and the tremendous efforts you (Yehudit), Miri, Rut, and the entire staff and volunteers of Ezrat Achim put forth for all of us. My gratitude is endless.
Families helping families…it’s what Ezrat Achim is all about!
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