In the words of Esti’s Mom

“When Esti, my fourteen year old daughter who has Down’s Syndrome, started coming off the Ezrat Achim van every evening with a huge smile on her face, I had to find out why!

When I asked her what was making her so happy, she told me that she had a special job at the after-school center: taking care of a little girl named Shoshi.

She told me how much fun it was to be in charge of her and help her!”

At Ezrat Achim’s after-school centers, the teenage kids are each given a “job” to do every day.

This helps them to learn responsibilty, gain confidence and above all, feel great about themselves!

Esti’s Mom says, “You can’t imagine what this has done for Esti’s self esteem!

There is such a change in her since she started seeing herself as a “giver.”

We see the effects at home- her behavior and mood have improved tremendously.

I’m so grateful to the staff and volunteers for putting in so much effort, they go way above and beyond!”

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