I had been accumulating things our family no longer needed for years, and an entire corner of my bedroom was dedicated to the ever-expanding pile. My intention had been to hold a yard sale, offering these items at bargain prices while getting some payback for my purchase – one person’s junk being another’s treasure, as the saying goes.
And then the most liberating thought occurred to me – I would have the yard sale, but I wouldn’t put a price tag on anything. Instead, I would invite people to come and bring their ma’aser money, pay what they could, and I would contribute the earnings to Ezrat Achim’s Centers for special needs children!*
Books, small housewares, small appliances, kitchen items, games, toys, dolls, music CDs, tchachkes – you name it! I organized the paraphernalia in piles throughout my yard, advertised everywhere I could think of, and 2000 NIS later, I was grateful to be poorer in possessions, but richer in funds! What remained was packed up and delivered to a wonderful gemach in Beit Shemesh that services needy people in the community.

As for me, I was delighted to deliver the money to Ezrat Achim, where it was gratefully accepted by the inimitable Rav Kop, enthusiastic that they would have the means to make a Chanuka party for the children who attend the Ezrat Achim programs.
Now, how feel-good was that?! I accomplished ridding my home of years of amassed belongings as well as acquiring the mitzva of tzedakah to one of the most worthwhile programs in the world!

Win-win all around!
Perhaps you’d consider doing the same?

Good luck!
Rivka Ester Rothstein

*Full disclosure: I have dear friends whose daughter I love madly attends Ezrat Achim’s programs every day after school as well as on Fridays and Shabbos, which thereby benefits the entire family.

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