A Message from our Director of Special Needs Department

Yudit Eytan

Caring for a child with Special Needs is a 24/7 mission.
The need for constant supervision and one-on-one care, can leave parents physically and emotionally drained.

Ezrat Achim is here for these families.
We have programs in four separate locations in different neighborhoods, servicing children and young adults with Special Needs (ages 3-21).

Every afternoon, starting at 2:00 PM, after school hours, children are provided with hours of guided play and therapeutic activities, designed to meet the needs of each child.
These hours are the most challenging of the day:
homework, errands, dinner, baths and more…
But by the time the Ezrat Achim van arrives at 7:00 PM, the parents are able to focus their love and attention on their child with Special Needs.

Our professionally trained staff and dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to create a haven for children with Special Needs literally 365 days a year.

Fast Days- On Yom Kippur our volunteers wake up at Neitz to daven and spend the rest of the fast with the children.
Our centers are open on Tisha b’Av and minor fast days as well.
On Shabbos and Chagim – the volunteers pick up the children and bring them to the nearest center, sometimes pushing a wheelchair for twenty minutes or more!
After havdala, the children are driven home in the special Ezrat Achim vans.
On Fridays and Erev Yom Tov – (even on erev Pesach!) when tensions rise- the children come to the centers after school and are brought home by van, an hour before shkiyah, giving the families time to prepare so that they can welcome their child and light candles with a calm heart.
Bein Hazmanim – during summer vacation, close to 100 children attend our fun-filled day camps.

Certain days require more challenging logistics; all days require dedication.
Our message to parents is that they are not alone!

Please join us…
Together, we can continue providing gifts 365 days a year!

Yudit Eytan

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