I’m constantly amazed by the dedication, the love, and the tremendous efforts you (Yehudit), Miri, Rut, and the entire staff and volunteers of Ezrat Achim put forth for all of us. My gratitude is endless.

I was deeply touched by the sentiments expressed by EzratAchim.
In short, our kids are everyone’s kids – we’re one community and having the incredible programs/services that Ezrat Achim provides my children, is actually a benefit for our entire community. It’s easy for me, as I’m sure it is for most parents of special needs children, to feel alone in our unique challenges. It sometimes feels like I live in a separate, parallel universe where things that come so easily to other typical families are quite difficult for us… but it all just melts away, this sense of being separate and alone, when I get a kind word, encouragement – let alone all the daily assistance – from the angels of Ezrat Achim.

Especially after this incredibly difficult time we’ve been through with corona lockdown and all, I wish I could personally go door to door to explain to the community and beyond how amazing Ezrat Achim is, and how much they provide to so many people, with love.
I gotta admit I’m tearing up thinking about all that I’m saying. The part that moves me the most is how clear it is that every child is so loved and cared about and thought about. How can I not just love all the beautiful people who love and care for my boys that much!!!

Thank you so much for all that you do!!
Rachel Landsman
(Mother of two Special Needs boys)

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