We can’t thank you enough!!!

To the staff and volunteers at the Center,
You can’t imagine how unbelievable the center has been for Michali and our entire family. We used to be stressed all day, worrying about how Michali would be when she came home from school. What type of mood will she be in this time and what will be in store for us this afternoon…
But ever since she started going to the Ezrat Achim after-school center, our worries have disappeared! She comes home every day relaxed and happy, and the whole family is so much happier as a result. It’s not just a matter of having her occupied during the afternoon hours – the service you provide is literally life- changing! She has a whole new view of herself and her abilities.
It’s as if we’ve received a new daughter! She is calmer and happier and we are able to enjoy spending time with her.  We can’t thank you enough!
Michali’s Mom
(Michali is a sweet, nine year old girl with autism and selective mutism).
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