In honor of Talya and Shoshana Schneider's Bat Mitzvah

For our Bat Mitzvah, we are raising money for the “Mitbach Hachessed”, a chessed kitchen run by Ezrat Achim. Ezrat Achim cooks and delivers meals to families in need – some recipients have family members who are sick or hospitalized, others are elderly or have physical limitations. They take care of families from many different neighborhoods throughout our city of Bet Shemesh (city of over 125,000 people.)

We all know life isn’t easy. But when you add financial stress, scheduling medical appointments, travel to-and-from hospitals, it becomes almost impossible to take care of packing lunches and preparing dinner for everyone at home.
Ezrat Achim’s volunteers deliver hot, fresh, healthy food every day. Beyond providing this basic necessity (food), these packages give people a very special feeling. Recipients feel cared for and comforted, as they go through their challenges.
Often, we volunteer to make homemade challah, gefilte fish or other dishes to contribute. We cook at home and bring it to the Ezrat Achim kitchen for packing and delivery.
We want to use our Bat Mitzvah to raise money for Ezrat Achim’s chessed kitchen.
Please join us by donating to this meaningful cause!
See video here:

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