In honor of Adina's Bat Mitzvah

Hi, my name is Adina Gerschel. I am 12 years old and I am celebrating my Bat-Mitzvah. I was born pre-mature and I spent the first 5 weeks of my life in a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. I needed oxygen for a week and my oxygen saturation level was monitored by a very important machine. One of the local chesed organizations called Ezras Achim, which does amazing work for many people in need in my neighborhood, needs an oxygen concentrator and saturation monitor for new babies that come home with breathing problems. This monitor is the same monitor that was used to help me 12 years ago, and now, as an adult, it is my turn to help others with the same kindness. What better a way to express my personal hakaras hatov than to use my Bat-Mitzvah as an opportunity to raise money for Ezras Achim to purchase this important equipment. 

Please help me succeed in my campaign and donate so that we can all join together and focus on helping others.

This campaign is in memory of my great grandparents:

Zalman Yosef ben Yaakov Yitzchok Feldman z”l
Rachelle bas Yosef Feldman a”h

Harav Naftali Meir ben Yehoshua Langsam zt”l

R’ Yekusiel ben Shmuel Deitel zt”l
Tzirel bas Chuna Avrohom Deitel a”h



NEW GOAL!! $8,000

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