I found the key!

Dear Friends,
I want to share a story that took place recently at our After School Center for Teenage Special Needs boys. As most of you probably know, our Special Needs centers are open every afternoon, including Fridays until just before Shabbos and even on Shabbos and Chagim.

Around two weeks ago, the volunteers were planning a birthday party for one of the boys, Shloimy, who was about to celebrate his 19th birthday at the center. Our amazing volunteers put a lot of thought into what gift they could give Shloimy. They wanted to give him something that would really make him happy. They finally decided that since Shloimy likes to take responsibility and ‘manage’ things, the best gift they could give him would be the key to the main entrance at Ezrat Achim.

When I heard about their plan, I went straight to the nearest hardware store and asked for the biggest and most beautiful key in the store. I went to Shloimy’s birthday party, where I announced that I was personally entrusting him with the key to the organization, making him my partner in managing each ‘Ezrat Achim’ organization.

Anyone who did not see his smile that day, (which lasted the whole day!), really missed out!

I would like to make each of you my partner in running Ezrat Achim as well- but I’m not going to give you a key like I gave Shloimy- because in fact the key is already in your possession- your contribution will allow us to help the Special Needs children of Bet Shemesh and open up new horizons for them and their families!

Please join with us and give us the ability to continue the amazing chessed that takes place each day at our centers, and with Hashem’s help to expand and develop it even more.

May we all have a Chanukah which is filled with light, happiness and good health!

Your friend,
Avraham Kopp

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