Ezrat Achim is the best place in the world!!

How are you everyone?

My name is Eli and I have Down Syndrome.
Yesterday I got home from the Ezrat Achim Moadonit, and my mommy, who I love the most in the world, (‘cuz she’s better than all the other mommies), asked me if I had a good time.
I told her, “Yes, Mommy! You know I always, always, always have fun there! Why do you keep asking me that?”
Mommy told me that it makes her happy to hear me tell her over and over again that I’m happy there, so she asks me every day.
Now do you see why I love my mommy so much???

I want everyone to know that me and my friends love to go to the moadonit, so I asked Mommy to bring me a paper and a pencil ‘cuz I wanted to write a letter.
But it got a little messy so Mommy came to help me and we wrote this letter together.

I want you to know that at the Ezrat Achim moadonit, it’s the most fun in the world! The girls there love me almost as much as my sister Devori who loves me so much, and I’ love them too! Every day there is something different, dancing with music, gymboree, arts and crafts and games. We also eat there every day and the food is yummy!

We really love when Rav Kopp comes, he is the man who is in charge of Ezrat Achim, and he makes it so fun for us. Every time he comes, all the kids start to smile and laugh and he knows everyone’s name and knows what he likes and where he lives and when it’s his birthday.

So I wanted you to know all that, because Mommy told me that everything costs a lot of money and I am a little scared ‘cuz what if one day Ezrat Achim will say that all the money is gone and we won’t have a moadonit anymore! So people need to please give money to Ezrat Achim and I want you to know that Ezrat Achim uses that money for the best things in the world!
Like me!


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